1. Why is it important to use safe skincare products?

Using safe skin care products has an important impact on skin health, here are a few reasons why:


(1) Avoid damage to the skin: Many cosmetics contain some chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin, such as phenoxyethanol and triclosan. These ingredients may cause skin irritation, dryness, inflammation and other adverse reactions. Using safe skin care products can avoid damage to the skin.


(2) Prevent skin aging: Safe skin care products can help prevent skin aging because they usually contain ingredients such as antioxidants and collagen, which can reduce the damage caused by free radicals and promote skin elasticity and radiance.


(3) Protect the environment: The chemical ingredients in unsafe skin care products are not only harmful to the skin, but also pollute and damage the environment. Using safe skin care products can reduce pollution and damage to the environment and promote environmental protection.


2. Why coral harmless skin care products are important? 

Coral-safe skin care products are skin care products that do not contain ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs. The use of such skincare products is important for marine ecosystems, environmental protection and human health, and here are a few reasons why:


(1) Protection of coral reefs: Many skin care products contain chemical ingredients such as oxybenzone and cinnamates, which have been shown to damage the ecosystem of coral reefs, leading to coral bleaching and death. Using coral-friendly skin care products can reduce damage to coral reefs and protect the marine ecosystem.


(2) Promoting environmental protection: Waste from cosmetics and skin care products causes pollution and damage to the environment. Using coral-friendly skincare products can reduce the impact on marine ecosystems and promote environmental protection.


(3) Protecting skin health: Some skin care products that contain ingredients harmful to coral reefs may also have an impact on human health, such as on the endocrine system. The use of coral-safe skincare products can reduce these risks and protect human health.