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iLab  X  ' The Journey of Xuanzang ' Gobi Challenge Race


As the partner of the Gobi Challenge Race and the nominated skin care products for the competition, iLab provides extreme repair for fragile skin in desert environment.


 At this event, world-renowned mountaineers, environmentalists, explorers, photographers, filmmakers, and outdoor enthusiasts come together to initiate discussions and exchange ideas, constantly advancing the development of outdoor sports and outdoor documentaries. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is a carnival of celebration for climbing enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and environmentalists from around the world. This exciting documentary film festival is also known as the "Oscars of outdoor movies."



Climbing can inspire a spirit of exploration, but at the same time, the skin can be doubly damaged by extreme environments. When outdoors encountering dust and intense sunlight, it can lead to redness, oiliness, acne, dryness. iLab specializes in repairing damaged skin, giving the skin the courage to challenge its limits.