Coral Safe

Coral-friendly cosmetics are those that are free of harmful chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs, and that reduce pollution and damage to the marine environment through the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes.


iLab skincare products are coral friendly:

(1) No harmful ingredients: Cosmetics containing ingredients harmful to coral reefs, such as Oxybenzone and cinnamates, should be avoided, as these chemical ingredients have been proven to damage the ecosystem of coral reefs.


(2) Use of Natural Ingredients: Coral-friendly cosmetics should use natural and environmentally friendly ingredients as much as possible, such as organic plant extracts, seaweeds, and bee nectar, which are not only friendly to the environment, but also have good effects on the skin.


(3) Low-carbon emission production process: Coral-friendly cosmetics should minimize carbon emissions during production, adopt environmentally friendly production processes and energy sources, and reduce the impact on the environment.

(Before and after coral reef bleaching