1. What parts does skin repair include?

Skin Repair 72 Hour After Sun means that, in response to skin damage after exposure to UV rays, a series of skincare measures and products are used to repair the damaged skin and restore it to a healthy state over the next 72 hours.

After Sun Repair focuses on moisturizing, calming and repairing. Skin tends to become dry, red, itchy, and even peeling after sun exposure. This is because UV rays can damage the skin's natural barrier function, leading to moisture loss and skin damage. And moisturizing, calming and repairing are meant to help restore damaged skin to health.


2. Does after-sun repair only need to be done within 72 hours? Do I need to continue maintenance after that?

The 72 hours of after-sun repair is a critical period of time for damaged skin after sun exposure, and proper care during this time can help restore the skin to a healthy state. However, after-sun repair is not a one-time process, but a care that needs to be maintained over time. This is because skin aging and hyperpigmentation may occur in the long term after the skin has been damaged by UV rays.

Therefore, after 72 hours of after-sun repair, you still need to continue your daily skincare regimen, including:

Wearing sunscreen every day: sunscreen is the most basic sun protection measure, which can effectively block the damage of UV rays to the skin.

Hydrate and moisturize your skin: to keep your skin hydrated, you can use products such as moisturizing masks and hydrating serums to ensure that your skin does not dry out.