Cosmetic Awards

Laboratory Innovation

Started in a top French laboratory on the coast of Brittany, the birthplace of modern marine therapy (No. 1 in France for marine therapy, natural skincare, and facial masks), and in long-term cooperation with top raw materials and fragrances suppliers BASF and DSM, etc. 


French Patented Ingredients

iLab's core ingredient, NEUROGUARD Brown Algae Extract, has been awarded a French invention patent: FR3024358 by protects against photoaging: it repairs signaling between cells, eliminates toxins brought about by malfunctioning conduction, reactivates the skin, and improves wrinkles, aging, and sagging.


BSB Europe Innovation Award

iLab was awarded the BSB Innovation Award in Europe for its eco-friendly product concept and excellent repairing efficacy. iLab has been honored with the "Oscars of the Beauty Industry" for this professional accolade!


ELLE Beauty Annual Awards

ELLE BEAUTY is a collection of 44 global ELLE version of the beauty editors, selected by the global annual professional awards of beauty products, a collection of professionalism, efficacy, environmental protection, popularity in one.