iLab X Diving



SSI, the global leading diving organization, recommends iLab to divers. Say no to coral harmful skin care products at the seaside!​

Bring iLab when you go diving or travelling at seaside to Protect Your Skin & Protect Our Oceans.


Coral reefs are the rain forest of the ocean. 60% corals are expected to be dead and gone in the next 30 years.
1 inappropriate drop of traditional cosmetics can cause 7 pool-sized Coral Bleaching.


iLab Formula is French Thalassotherapy, which applies natural technology and focuses on marine conservation.
iLab Brand pursues ecological safe.

iLab Products exclude coral harmful ingredients of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Butylparaben, 4-methylbenzylidine camphor, etc.


iLab brand advocates 1% Marine Tax
1% annual sales value and resourse are donating to marine environmental protection organizations and coral conservation projects.




When you go diving or traveling at seaside, please use iLab to Protect Your Skin & ProtectOur Oceans. We are glad to have consistent partnership and support from iLab, which are ocean friendly and coral reef safe.
Let's go Together. Dive with SSI. We are SSI.

Jean-Claude Monachon — Vice President of SSI