Coral Guardian



The 1st session of Coral Guardian was a joint environmental protection action by the international diving organization – SSI, World Ocean Day and iLab. Coral planting activities were carried out on Weizhou island, and beach cleaning activities were carried out on Wailing-ding island in Zhuhai. 




In the 2nd session of Coral Guardian, the COVID-19 pandemic restricted activities around the world, but could not restrict our love for the ocean. By live-streaming the entire underwater coral planting process, people were informed of the importance of coral protection




For the 3rd session of the Coral Guardian in 2022, iLab gathered extreme sports enthusiasts and marine environmentalists to take action for marine environmental protection. iLab launched a series of environmental protection campaigns, including raising awareness about marine protection through speeches and forums, and direct services by way of coral planting. The general public was also invited to participate in advocating for marine environmental protection, and promote China’s environmental protection efforts to the world. 




This year, the 4th session of the ‘Go! Coral Guardian’, iLab will continue demonstrating their dedication to environmental protection efforts by working with global environmental organizations to carry out the marine and coral protection efforts.