1. What does coral harmless mean?

4 Skin Care Ingredients That Are Harmful to Coral

Through the constant revision and updating of Wikipedia's global data, as well as National Geographic's extensive third-party laboratory data research and citations, the more authoritative 4 main chemical ingredients that are harmful to coral in skin care products have been made clear:

Oxybenzone / Benzophenone
Paraben / Butylparaben
Cinnamate / Octyl-methoxycinnamate
Camphor derivative Camphor / Enzacamene


2. Is iLab's sunscreen available for children?

iLab uses a safe sunscreen based on a physical sunscreen system that does not penetrate into the bloodstream or breast milk, so it is very safe. Teenagers need to be careful to hold their breath when using it to avoid inhaling a lot of sunscreen.


3. Can I take the spray on the airplane?

According to international civil aviation regulations, less than 100ml of sunscreen spray can be taken on the plane.